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2019Songbirds CarolingJohn DodgeSmugMug
2019Western PartyGerry TownsendDropbox
2019Woodstock PartyBill TownsendDropbox
2019Maine Dinner-Dance Gerry TownsendDropbox
2019Main WelcomeGerry TownsendDropbox
2018Boat Club & Backwards PartyAna Janus


2018Midwest ReunionJohn DodgeSmugMug
2018FrankenmuthGerry TownsendDropbox
2017We Laugh We DanceLee WebbHighTail
2017Golf Cart ParadeLee WebbHighTail
2017Christmas PartyLee WebbHighTail
2017White PartyLee WebbHighTail
2017NLYH NE OutingGerry TownsendSnapFish
2017Spring FlingJohn DodgeSmugMug
2017Going North PartyLee WebbDropBox
2017St. Patrick’sLee WebbDropBox
2017St Patrick'sGerry TownsendSnapfish
2017Casino NightLee WebbDropBox
2017Cahlua & Cream PartyGerry TownsendSnapfish
2016Coffee with SanthLee WebbDropBox
2016Trivia BowlLee WebbDropBox
2016Spring FlingDotty DanfordDropBox
2016Karaoke PartyLee WebbDropBox
201640th Anniversary PartyLee WebbDropBox
2016Legends of Las VegasGerry TowsendDropBox
2016Birthday PardyLee WebbDropBox
2015Spring FlingLee WebbDropBox
2015St. Patrick’sLee WebbDropBox
2015Karaoke PartyLee WebbDropBox
2014Kentucky Derby PartyGerry TownsendDropBox
2014Going North PartyLee WebbDropBox
2014Mardi Gras PartyLee WebbDropBox

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