Corporate Board of Directors

PresidentJohn Ford
Vice-President / IT and CommunicationsDale Felty
SecretaryJack Bonzelaar
TreasurerEd Farrington
MaintenanceJohn Ford
Environmental ControlTish Gayeuski
Legal & RulesCurt Schellenberg
Capital ImprovementsTom Evans
SalesJohn Gomes
SeawallsMichael Espinola


Regular Board meetings are the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month, October thru April, at 9:00 AM in the NLYH Clubhouse. 

View our Calendar for details, some dates may have changed.

Board of Directors Communications

True Green

Water a minimum of 2 times per week during dry conditions and “as needed” during the rainy conditions.

Your lawn should receive between ¾ to 1 inch of water during each day of watering. Use measuring cups to determine the amount of water each area of your lawn is receiving. (See Marlene at office to obtain measuring cups)

Depending on your sprinkler heads (pop-ups or rotary), about 30 minutes or less per zone should supply the desired amount of water.

The rain sensor on your system should be turned on and working properly. This will ensure you are not watering when precipitation is or has recently occurred. Cost savings on your water bill.

Make sure each zone is working properly and that all sprinkler heads are providing the proper coverage.

TruGreen can provide an irrigation maintenance program for your system. Contact Karyn at 239.247.2158 for more information and pricing.

Procedure for requesting Plantings for Naples Land Yacht Harbor

The homeowner/member will submit a request to alter the property to the office detailing
the work to be done. Included with the request will be a drawing showing the placement
of any plantings to be done.

A detailed list of plants to be used will be included with the request. Any plants not on
the approved planting guide will be noted, showing the formal names of the plants and
description. This list will contain the information about the plant and the book the
information was taken from. It is the responsibility of the homeowner/member to ensure
that the new plant meets the requirements that there is no fruit, berries, thorns, or that
the plant will draw unwanted pests to NLYH.

Once the request is received by the Environmental Director, it will be passed by the
Environment Committee for their review and final check to make sure that the plants
meet the requirements. The request will then be sent back to the Environmental Director
with the recommendation of the Committee for processing through the Board Members
responsible for altering the property. Any additions will be sent to the Board by the
Environmental Director for their approval or disapproval.
Any additions to the Planting Guide must be approved by the committee and ultimately
the Board of Directors prior to being added to the Planting Guide.

Seawalls the following is a brief explanation of what and why.

NLYH is within 2 separate flood zones. Because of this , New homes on Pier A are going to be higher than new homes on Pier E which is in a different flood zone.

Using Pier A as an example.
Pier A is at a different elevation than Pier E by one foot plus.
The required finished floor height Is 9 feet above sea level. The maximum height a home may be raised using cement blocks is 36 inches(code) or 3 feet. The frame of the mobile home is 12 inches or 1 foot. The floor joists are 8 inches and the finished floor height is maybe 2 inches thick counting subfloor and the floor itself. Add it all up and you are far short of the required 9 feet.

To make up the difference, fill has to be brought in to raise the house pad elevation so the finished floor height is at the required 9 feet.
In the case of the new Pier A home, the house pad has to be at 4.5 feet above sea level requiring a much more fill to be brought in then a home on Pier E. The fill for the pad and the blocking, frame width, joists, etc are all added together and the required 9 feet is met.

There is no rule governing house pad height. Folks refer to a rule that limits fill to 4 inches. BUT, that is only around the PERIMETER OF THE HOME not under the home.
How all this impacts our rule on ridge height in the future remains to be seen.

Hope this helps.
Jon Alberghini 

Common Sense

We have many vacant lots that are awaiting new homes. Many times the Member who is leasing that lot leaves some items on the lot…pavers, landscaping material, etc. Then there are homes that we all know are going to be replaced by newer homes soon. Those homes/lots belong to someone…a fellow Member of NLYH.
Here is the point….nobody should be ‘helping  themselves’  to items that they do not own without specific permission of the ‘owner’. For homes that will soon be demolished, we do not allow removing external items, unless specifically approved by the owner, until 2 days before demolition.
If we follow these common sense guidelines we will show respect for fellow Members… our neighbors.

Traffic and Parking Rule IV.

Any vehicle or trailer parked or stopped on the street after dark must have
their parking lights or equivalent illuminated. Actually think this might have been better placed under “Safety” as that is the issue here….and please be responsible for your visitors, this is a dangerous situation. Thanks !!

Emergency Planning

Collier County

Don’t overlook the fact that with summer rains come the potential for severe thunderstorms with damaging winds and the possibility of tornadoes.

Read and save as your favorites on your computer or smartphone websites such as the following which have helpful tips on getting prepared and building a family action plan.

  • Collier County Emergency Management
  • Ready (Department of Homeland Security)
  • FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
  • Florida Disaster (Florida Division of Emergency Management)
  • Sign up for Collier County Emergency Management daily situation reports


Collier Emergency Management also has Facebook and Twitter pages which will have real time info in case of an actual event.

Remember that text messaging to family and friends consumes fewer resources on the cellular network than voice and media. Make sure you are text savvy to stay in contact with family and friends if cellular networks are impacted or periodically overloaded.

NEW - Alert Collier

To sign up via landline: 311 or 239-252-8999
Sign up via email:
Sign up on line:

  • Alerts will be received for hurricane, tornado, severe thunderstorms, brush fires, and flash floods.
  • Notifications will be for watches, warnings and all clear and can be tailored to geographical areas within the County.
  • This replaces the county Code RED notification system.