Resident News

NLYH Residents Board of Directors

PresidentMary Ward239-417-0303
Vice PresidentJackie Espinola978-985-3499
SecretaryJudy Spellman978-771-3456
TreasurerJanet Hitchner239-793-0240
Social DirectorJean Zeigenfuss401-864-4457
Ass't Social Linda Gianoulis978-985-2962
MembershipFran Burke781-789-5151
PurchasingKathy Steffler616-405-9229
Calendar Sue Ferrigno609-575-8318
Residents Meeting
– First Saturday of every month, October thru April, at 9:00 AM (after coffee).

Next Residents Board Meeting 
– 10/03/2018, Saturday at 9:00 AM

Things To Remember

Dues, Clubs, Activities & Events
– Resident Association Dues are $10.00 per person per year. Checks should be made payable to NLYH RA and mailed or delivered to Tom Evans, 323 Pier E.
– Please visit our “Calendar”  page for information on regularly scheduled NLYH resident Activities and Events.

Things of Interest

Around the Park
– Continue to save your pennies for the Pennies from Heaven jar on the sign-up table.  Everything collected goes to the Women’s Shelter for milk for the children.
– Library – The library is in the clubhouse. Residents are welcome to borrow books, videos and jigsaw puzzles. There is no sign-out procedure – return when finished.
– Please remember to have lights on when riding your bike after dark and carry a flashlight when walking.
– New Flags – A new United States flag can be purchased from the Residents Association at the NLYH Office. Cost is $25.00 – please make your check out to “NLYH Residents Association” or have exact cost in cash.
– Please utilize the Home “Closing Checklist” when leaving for the summer.
Please report any uninvited sales representatives to the Office.
– Planning a function? Please contact our calendar person, Sue Ferrigno to get your date on the calendar and fill out the appropriate forms. If you are renting the clubhouse for a private party, the fee is $25.00.

Things of Note

9-1-1 Emergency Safety Profile
– Smart911 is now in Collier County. Residents should go to “” to input their information regarding their situation and health needs, in order for the 911 call center to respond with their personal information.
– It is a “smart” thing to do to have your information on file with the 911 operator in order to make them aware of your health information when you dial that 911 call center. You may need to wait until you are back in the community.
– Watch a “video” of 911 Operator testimonials

Check out the Food for Life Instructor
– Check out Food for Life Instructor for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
– The Food for Life Instructor for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is inviting you to join Facebook. Once you join, you’ll be able to connect with the Food for Life Instructor for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Page, along with people you care about and other things that interest you. Visit their “Facebook Page“.

We Recycle!
– People within NLYH have made a commitment to reduce waste and to provide a green environment. This is just one item that creates a clean living park.
– Save newspapers – in paper bags on street corners Tuesday before 9:00am. No
telephone books please.
– Save cans – behind the office. Help beautify our park! Money goes to the Garden Club.
– Recycling is now being provided for functions that are held in the clubhouse. Please
separate trash from plastic, bottles & cans when cleaning up to help promote this
– All trash, yard waste, garbage and recycle containers are not to be set out
before 6:00pm the day prior to pick up.
– Collier County recycling “web site“.

Recycle Your Old Batteries – Going North (R-5/15)
– With the season coming to an end soon, most of us will be changing or removing batteries from smoke alarms, TV remotes, and lots of other gadgets. Don’t throw your old batteries in the garbage. You can do one of two things with them.
– Take them to Batteriers and Bulb’s, they have a box inside the door where you can place them. (Located across the street from the mall, 1811 Tamiami Trail North.)
– Mike Mark will have a box in his carport. You can drop your batteries  there and he will take them over to be recycled. (Please NO boat, car or golf cart batteries.)
– The box will be in the carport from April 1st – May 15th, 2018
– Pier 203 A  Mike Mark

Pool Reminder
– According to the health department regarding food at the pool, the rule is as follows
– Food or Drink is not allowed in the pool or within 4 feet around the pool. Other than that food and drink is allowed and can be enjoyed at our tables in the pool area.
– Naturally no glass of any kind should be brought to the pool.
– Please keep the pool area clean so that we may all enjoy it!

Things to Communicate

Summit-Broadband Channel 102 & NLYH Website
– Contact the following with any news you wish to add
– Channel 102 – Rebecca Tidwell 423-774-1374
– Website – Dale Felty (574) 300-2523
– Email Us

Harbor Highlights
– April –  MarchFebruaryJanuary/December
– All articles are due before the 20th of each month.
– Email Ana or drop off to Ana Janus at 24 Flounder Drive

Facebook Group
– NLYH Residents
– Closed Group page admin Mary Ward 223 Pier A
– Request access, once your verified you will be added

E-Mail List
– Maintained by Maree Gregoire 104 Pier A
– Email Maree a request to be added, once your verified you will be added
– You can also update the list in the clubhouse – available when Maree is asking for verification

Photo Albums
– Mary Ward 223 Pier A ($10.00 a copy)
– Editor Dale Felty 221 Pier A
– Email updates or new additions to Dale

In the Clubhouse
– Activities Information and Signup sheets