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NOTE: Boat Club Activities & Commodore’s Ball photos are on the Boat Club page.

  Historical Aerial Views  (Roy Wilson)
  NLYH Aerial Views 2010  (John Gomes)

2017-2018 Winter
NLYH Golf Cart Parade (Lee Webb)
NLYH Christmas Party (Lee Webb)

2017 Fall
White Party (Lee Webb)

2017 Summer
2017 NLYH NE OUTING (Gerry Townsend)

2017 Spring
Spring Fling (John Dodge)
Arrividerci Goin’ North Party (Lee Webb)
St. Patrick’s Dinner Dance (Lee Webb)
St. Patrick’s Day Party (Gerry Townsend)
Casino Night  (Lee Webb)
 Cahlua & Cream Party (Gerry Townsend)

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2016 Fall/Winter
Saturday Coffee with Santa (Lee Webb)
2016 Christmas Party  (Gerry Townsend)

2016 Summer
 NLYH Summer Reunion (Alice Bianchi & Ana Janus)

2016 Winter
  Going North Party (Gerry Townsend)
 Trivia Bowl  (Lee Webb)
 Spring Fling  (Dotty Danforth)
 Spring Fling  (John Dodge)
  St. Patrick’s Day Party  (Gerry Townsend)
  Karaoke Party  (Gerry Townsend)
  Karaoke Party  (Lee Webb)
  NLYH 40th Anniversary Party  (John Dodge)
  NLYH 40th Anniversary Party  (Lee Webb)
  Legends of Vegas  (Gerry Townsend)
  Legends of Las Vegas  (Gerry Townsend)
  Birthday Party  (Lee Webb)
  Birthday Party  (Fran Burke)
  January Pot Luck  (Fran Burke)

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2015 Fall
  NLYH Christmas Party  (John Dodge)
  Dance Party November 19  (Gerry Townsend)

2015 Summer
  New England Cookout  (Jean McSherry)
  NE Cookout  (Gerry Townsend)

2015 Winter/Spring
  Kentucky Derby Party  (Gerry Townsend)
  Spring Fling  (Lee Webb)
  Speed Bumps Party  (Gerry Townsend)
  St Patrick’s Day Party  (Lee Webb)
  St Patrick’s Day Party  (Gerry Townsend)
  Karaoke Party  (Gerry Townsend)
 Karaoke Party (Lee Webb)
  Valentine’s Day Party  (Gerry Townsend)

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2014 Summer/Fall
 Kentucky Derby Party  (Gerry Townsend)
  Ladies Tea  (Bill Townsend)
  NLYH Christmas  (Gerry Townsend)
  Western Party  (Gerry Townsend)
  Pool Party  (Bill Townsend)
 Going North Party  (Lee Webb)
  Las Vegas Party  (Gerry Townsend)
  NLYH Boston Boat Trip  (Ana Janus)
 NLYH Vermont Party  (Gerry Townsend)

2014 Winter/Spring
 Kentucky Derby Party  (Gerry Townsend)
 Spring Fling  (John Dodge [Password is nlyh])
 Mardi Gras Parade & Party  (Lee Webb)
 Mardi Gras Parade & Party  (Gerry Townsend)
 St. Valentine’s Day Party  (Gerry Townsend)
 Karaoke Party  (Gerry Townsend)
 Country-Western Party  (Gerry Townsend)

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2013 Fall
 Members 75th Birthday Party  (Sue Kerwin)
 Crab Races  (Gerry Townsend)
 Crab Races  (Pat Shapiro)
 Bob & Nancy Taylor Gathering  (Gerry Townsend)

2013 Summer
 NLYH New England Summer Gathering  (Alice Bianchi)
 NLYH New England Summer Gathering  (Gerry Townsend)

2013 Spring
 Kentucky Derby Party  (Gerry Townsend)
 Spring Fling  (Lee Webb & Various Others)
 Casino Night  (Lee Webb)
 Valentine’s Day Party  (Lee Webb & Others)
 Karaoke Party  (Lee Webb)
 Karaoke Party  (Gerry Townsend)
 Cheeseburger In Paradise Party  (Lee Webb)
 Cheeseburger In Paradise Party  (Gerry Townsend)

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