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NLYH is a manufactured (mobile home) park of 352 residences. If you’re interested in joining our community take a look at what we currently have available.

List of Available Homes (Select Information for Details)

101 Pier J$99,900Inland
114 Pier H$46,500Inland
221 Pier D$68,900Inland
111 Pier J$275,000Inland
125 Pier A$69,500Inland
203 Pier E$68,500Inland
329 Pier A$325,000Water
314 Pier A$165,000Water
106 Pier J$135,000Inland
32 Flounder$86,000Inland
108 Pier E$97,000Inland
115 Pier H$69,000Inland
116 Pier D$85,900Inland
101 Pier D$94,700Inland
214 Pier E$159,000Inland
113 Pier B$79,900Inland
105 Pier E$76,711Inland
219 Pier B$56,000Inland

Google Maps – View of the Park

Additional Information

You can contact the NLYH office if you need additional information or if you would like to make an appointment to view a home.
Phone – 239-774-5484
FAX – 239-774-4877
Email – “Office & Sales

Taxes, Fees and other important information on our homes – “View