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List of Available Homes (Select Information for Details)

329 Pier A$325,000WaterNew Listing
314 Pier A$175,000Water
117 Pier E$66,500Inland
110 Pier B$45,000Inland
32 Flounder$86,000Inland
108 Pier E$97,000Inland
115 Pier H$69,000Inland
116 Pier D$85,900Inland
101 Pier D$94,700Inland
214 Pier E$159,000Inland
113 Pier B$79,900Inland
105 Pier E$76,711InlandNew Pictures
102 Pier H$67,000Inland
219 Pier B$56,000Inland
212 Pier E $79,900InlandPictures coming soon
108 Pier D$19,500InlandDemolition Only
106 Pier A$15,000InlandDemolition Only
215 Pier AInlandEmpty Lot Available
212 Pier BInlandEmpty Lot Available

Empty Lots Available 

215 Pier A and 212 Pier B are empty lots that are available for placement of a new home. Plot plans are available in the office.

Additional Information

You can contact the NLYH office if you need additional information or if you would like to make an appointment to view a home.
Phone – 239-774-5484
FAX – 239-774-4877
Email – “Office & Sales

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