Corporate News

NLYH Corporate Board of Directors

PresidentWayne Barefoot239-234-6282
Vice-PresidentTom Doré609-468-5211
SecretaryChristina Abend-Powell571-334-0866
TreasurerKathy Scanlan617-595-8359
Environmental ControlRick Jennings603-380-5087
Legal & RulesRoy Wilson239-821-4995
SalesJon Alberghini617-688-1366
Capital ImprovementsTom Devlin616-481-0288
SeawallsJack Bonzelaar239-206-1887
MaintenanceTom Doré609-468-5211
Regular Board meetings are the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month, October thru April, at 9:00 AM in the NLYH Clubhouse.

This Months Meetings:
March 14th 9:00 AM – March 28th 9:00 AM


Rules Revision Process ( Act Now )
We are seeking recommendations for changing the Rules and Regulations or By-Laws. Please submit your recommendations to the Office addressed to Rules Director.
3/9/2018 Last day to submit recommendations
– 3/24/2018 Post recommendations
– 4/25/2018 Vote on recommendations

Please sign your name so we can contact you with questions

Rules Committee Meeting
March 17, 2018 at 1:00 PM in the Clubhouse
– The committee will discuss Rules changes submitted and develop a list to present to the Board of Directors. The proposed, if any, changes will be posted by 3/24.

Demolition of Homes
– As a result of Hurricane Irma there is an unusually high number of homes being demolished to make way for new homes. Normal demolition takes about a week,
sometimes longer due to large amounts of concrete. Currently there are three homes scheduled or in the process of being demolished that are near each other on
Pier E and Flounder.
– Regretfully this is a noisy process….

NLYH Protected Page: Corporate Board Information
Note: Contact the office or watch channel 102 for the password

The Corporate Board of Directors Information Page 

Application to Remodel, Enlarge or add to an existing home  NLYH Maintenance Request Form and information  2018 Planting Guide: to view the NLYH Planting Guide  The South Florida Water Management District has a standard watering schedule for home landscape watering. 

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